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Doctoral Students

  1. Helmut Schmid , A Parser for Text Corpora. (1999, University of Stuttgart. Associate Professor, University of Munich.)
  2. Erika Fonseca de Lima, The Automatic Acquisition of Lexical Information from Portuguese Text Corpora with a Probabilistic Context-free Grammar. (2002, University of Stuttgart. SAP AG.)
  3. Detlef Prescher, EM-basierte maschinelle Lernverfahren für natürliche Sprachen (EM-Based Maschine Learning in Natural Language Processing.) (2002, University of Stuttgart.)
  4. Yuping Zhou, Towards a Dynamic, Ambiguity-rich Semantics---inspired by a corpus study on the negation~quantifier scope ambiguity. (2008, Cornell.)
  5. Tejaswini Deoskar, Induction Of Fine-Grained Lexical Parameters Of Treebank PCFGs With Inside-Outside Estimation And Lexical Transformations. (2009, Cornell. ILCC, University of Edinburgh.)
  6. Hongyuan Dong, Issues In The Semantics Of Mandarin Questions. (2009, Cornell. Assistant Professor, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures, George Washington University.)
  7. Zhiguo Xie, The Relevance of Gradability in Natural Language: Chinese and English (2011, Cornell. Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, the Ohio State University. )
  8. Jonathan Howell, Meaning and Intonation: On the Web, in the Lab and from the Theorist's Armchair (2011, Cornell. Assistant Professor, Montclair State University.)
  9. Jiwon Yun, WH-Indefinites: Meaning and Prosody (2013, Cornell. Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University)